Want to know about me? This is your lucky day! <3

I love Life on Mars, Doctor Who, and BtVS, so expect some fannish posts here. I also run the notoriously silly Derps on Mars blog. :D

Things I like: traveling, taking photos of random stuff, subway systems, The Clash, Philip Glenister, Montreal, London, Paris, New York, cities in general, music, books, Discworld, architecture, Carhartt, Anthony Head, bridges, shoes, food, hockey, wine, John Simm, cats, beer, Scotch, red pandas, Philip Glenister (did I mention that I like Philip Glenister?), caterpillars, and long walks on the beach. **

I make no apologies for the randomness that is found here, but please feel free to join in!

**That part about the beach is a total lie
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